Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection has been the holy grail of an IVF lab. After its successful initiation in the early 1990s, the technique has had a massive impact on the industry. ICSI was all about tackling severe male infertility but now it is routinely used in a fertility clinic where ICSI has almost replaced IVF. Is too much of ICSI detrimental in the long run? Now, that is a matter of serious debate. However, ICSI is now one of the key techniques necessary for an embryologist to grow. It is a ticket to push you into seniority and mastering the same is a challenge.

But, unfortunately, in the wake of quickly acquiring this skill, budding embryologists try to fast track their learning process. This results in a half-baked approach which doesn’t help in gaining proficiency in ICSI.



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